About DEA Organics

The word ‘Dea’ means ‘Goddess’ in Italian. We want to celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth and the beauty of womanhood. We do this by providing affordable, sustainable organic skin care and cosmetics produced by companies that share our vision and passion for eco-friendliness.

Dea Organics was born of the vision of founder, Lorenza Verdini’s search for viable, certified organic skin care for her own personal use. Her quest for skin care that came with organic certification and rigorous quality standards led her toward Italy and France. The strict guidelines and quality standards were an indication of the commitment to excellence required by the companies who carried the relevant certification. Realising that affordable, effective, certified organic skin care was indeed available, Lorenza decided to share it with the South African market. Dea Organics is committed to being eco-friendly, and showing through example how small changes in daily habits can help sustain the environment.