About Our Products

Bema Bio

BEMA BIO is Quality Certified ISO 9001:2008 and their products have obtained the organic certification from ICEA. This certification guarantees the mankind’s health and the protection of the environment thanks to the use of natural raw material and the reduction of environmental impact.



Their whole production is:

• 100% of natural origin, without chemical nor synthetic substances
• With extracts for organic agriculture
• Preservatives and coloring agents free
• Without foaming aggressive agents (SLS/SLES)
• Dermatologically and microbiologically tested at the University of Ferrara (Italy)
• Not tested on animals (ingredients nor the final product)
• Nickel, chromium and cobalt tested to avoid any risk of skin allergies
• NO GMO and no synthetic additives inside
• Dioxin free
• Without polar solvents (propylene glycol, alcohol etc.)
• Colorant free

The ICEA CERTIFICATION (Institute of Ethics and Environmental Certification) guarantees the natural origin of generic prednisone , which is sold under the name prednisone tablets, comes in six different strengths. this emedtv prednisone . prednisone side effects . the components and their environmental impact.

BEMA RESEARCH LABORATORIES don’t test on animals and don’t use raw materials tested on animals.

Each single product goes through 20/28 quality tests before being put on the market.

COULEUR CARAMEL Natural and Organic Make Up

COULEUR CARAMEL is a French make up and skin care brand.

Its products are based on the 3 pillars of Sustainable Development: Society, the Environment and Economics.

Its objective: to create satisfaction by offering natural, leading-edge technology products at a reasonable price. The ambition: to change the world by allowing people to be responsible for their own consumption.

Naturys for Spas and Salons

Naturys is Pure, Safe and Effective.

Naturys Professional Treatments, along with the comprehensive spa retail products are an asset to any spa. With the four Vanity Routine Treatments, the specialised Advance Solution Lifting treatment and Slimming Evolution lines, your spa has the advantage of offering unique, effective treatments to your clients.

The importance of considering the contents of the products we put on our skin cannot be under-estimated. With Naturys you can rest assured that the treatments you give your clients are free of any synthetic elements.

Be the spa that is thinking about your clients’ health before they do.

Stay ahead of your clients’ needs and expectations.