Bema White

, Apr 23, 2012 Comments Off on Bema White

Skin Lightening Emulsionfor face and body.

It is the ideal emulsion to lighten dark skins and dark spots of face and body. Thanks to the phyto-lightening complex based on Pomegranate Extract and Betaine and thanks to presence of Arbutin and Bearberry Extract, it prevents the excessive melanin production that is the main cause of formation of the unaesthetic dark spots.

  • Contains extracts from organic cultivations (59,6%) > 100% natural origin.
  • It doesn’t contain GMO substances or derivatives.
  • It doesn’t contain colouring substances – synthetic additives.
  • It doesn’t contain animal substances origin or derivatives.
  • Without Ethoxylates (PEG and PPG)
  • Without silicons
  • Paraben free


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