BioPassion Foam Bath 200ml

Aug 20, 2011 Comments Off on BioPassion Foam Bath 200ml

This pleasantly scented foam bath and shower gel moisturises the skin while gently yet effectively cleansing. It does not contain synthetic elements such as paraffin or silicone, making it safe to use without fear of long-term side-effects like closing of the pores. Its fruity, fizzy fragrance leaves you feeling refreshed all day.

  • Of natural origin
  • Without chemical preservatives & colouring agents
  • Nickel, chrome and cobalt tested
  • Not tested on animals

Main Active Ingredients: Water, non-ionic surface-active agents extracted from Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetal Glycerin, Blackcurrant. Fragranced with a composition of essential and vegetal oils.
Product Code: 1935

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