Couleur Nail Care

Apr 23, 2012 Comments Off on Couleur Nail Care

Nail cares

Paraben-free, toluene-free, formaldehyde-free and rosin-free.

Nail care Oil
99,3% plant-based active ingredients. Advantages :    Encourages nail growth
Nourishes and moisturises.
Goals : Encourages nail growth by nourishing and protecting them.

Nail double-action base

Advantages :    A blazing shine    A nail polish fixer. Goals : Can be used on its own for a shiny and natural
effect, or before and after the nail polish to in crease it’s wear.

Nail hardening base

Advantages :    Encourages nail growth Enriched with methionin    Protects nails.
Goals : A transparent treatment to encourage nail growth and keep them from splitting or breaking.
Nail polishes

3 Ranges: Matt colours, Pearly colours and Frenchmanicure.

Advantages :    Small volume  less waste, more eco-friendly

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