Stop-pid Anti Lice

, Mar 12, 2012 Comments Off on Stop-pid Anti Lice

This product, extremely gentle as it does not contain aggressive foam agents (SLES), is obtained from 100% vegetal origin raw materials. All the extracts come from organic cultivations (without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides). Preservative-free, artificial colour and fragrance free.
Is an innovative product as its foam formulation has a higher concentration of vegetal essential oils (Multimix Complex based on Thyme, Lemon grass, Geranium and Oregano). This helps to keep a longer “barrier effect” and to create an environment hostile to the lice attacks. It prevents any problem caused by lice infestation. It contains Neem Oil to sooth itch and Sweet Almond Oil to make hair soft and shiny.
MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Thyme, Oregano and Lemon Grass essential oils, organic Extravergin olive oil, Geranium essential oil, organic Neem, oil, organic Soyabean oil, organic Sweet almonds oil, Honeysuckle Flower extract having a natural antibacterial action.


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