Research Results

Bema Bio

Bema Research Laboratories have obtained the quality system certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, which guarantees the quality and standardization of every phase of production.
Bema Purextracts: A new generation of active ingredients. CO2 under controlled temperature and pressure is used to extract the active ingredients. What does this mean? It means that nature is being used to obtain the purest form of active ingredients. CO2 is plentiful, non-toxic and metabolised by living organisms. There is no toxic waste, so Bema is taking care of our environment. There are no solvents destroying the effects of the active ingredients, so Bema is taking care of you.
Bema Bio-Spheres: Slow release of active ingredients to ensure you feel the effects of our products all day long. Bema has developed a process of enclosing the active ingredients in a thin film that later is broken down. Once the product is applied, skin temperature, or light massage, breaks down the film and the active ingredients are slowly released into the skin. With Bema Bio-Spheres higher concentrations of active ingredients, slowly released during the course of the day, allows the skin to experience optimum results.
Phytostab: The pride of Bema research. Through extensive research Bema has developed a blend of essential oils that act as a natural preservative. Phytostab inhibits the growth of micro-organisms in the creams, which means a healthy shelf life for the products. And for the skin, it adds the benefit of having an anti-bacterial effect. It’s strong enough to fight bacteria, and gentle enough to cause no irritation to the skin or eyes. The aromatic active ingredients of Phytostab alludes to Vanilla and Almond, also making it a fragrance
Plantosomas: Transport active ingredients to the skin. They have a high affinity with the skin due to their phospholipidic properties. They are also able to slowly release their active ingredients.
Liquid Crystal Emulsions: These allow a slow and constant absorption of the products for 18 to 24 hours from the moment of application, leaving the skin feeling the effects of the products all day long.
Dermatologically Tested: Strict tests done at Ferrara University verify and guarantee the safety of the full line of products when applied to human skin.
Microbiologically Tested: Tests were done to confirm the lack of pathogens, mold and yeast in Bema products. Thanks to the combination of natural preservatives used, tests showed that harmful bacteria introduced into the creams, were destroyed.
Results of clinical tests conducted at Ferrara University


Naturys Cell Regenerating Cream was tested on ten subjects. The product was applied with a delicate circular motion until it was completely absorbed by the skin. After application of the cream once a day for one month, an average of 23.88% reduction of wrinkles was noted. The conclusion: Naturys Cell Regenerating Cream has an intensive effect wrinkles.
The sebum-balancing action of the Naturys Purifying Cream was tested on ten subjects. The product was applied with a delicate circular motion until completely absorbed, once a day for one month. An average of 34.28% reduction of sebum was noted. The conclusion: Naturys Purifying Cream has an intensive effect on sebum reduction.
An instrumental evaluation of the effect of Naturys Protective Cream on the length and thickness of capillaries was conducted. The cream was applied once a day for one month, in a gentle circular motion until completely absorbed by the skin. There was a reduction of capillary thickness at an average of 64.87%. Capillary length was reduced by an average of 43.87%.
We tested the moisturizing effect of the Naturys Hyper Moisturising Cream on 10 subjects. The cream was applied once a day for a month, in a gentle circular motion, until absorbed by the skin. An astonishing result of an 81.58% increase in moisture to the skin was noted.

Couleur Caramel

The Couleur Caramel Pledge: Couleur Caramel aims at combining up-to date technologies with the clearest, most transparent use of any raw material that nature has to offer. To the greatest extent possible, they use organically-grown plant-based active ingredients, which makes their products outstandingly effective. Organic active ingredients are grown in wide-open spaces without chemical fertilizers. The plants are not harvested until they have reached maturity. They are cultivated on managed, controlled and respected land. Couleur Caramel has been the first make-up brand to offer some products with the ECOCERT label. A process called micronisation enables Couleur Caramel to create products with professional quality pigment content. You’ll enjoy bright colours without the drawbacks of professional make-up.
*To respect nature: To remain in step with nature, Couleur Caramel has developed its packaging and display stands with often-recycled and always-recyclable materials such as wood, metal and cardboard.
*To respect people: Respecting people means having consideration for those we come into contact with everyday. That’s why Couleur Caramel care so much about respecting themselves as well as their suppliers, customers, employees and consumers. Couleur Caramel always seeks sources that can provide fair-trade (FT) products such as sesame oil, Kalahari melon oil or baobab oil, etc.
*To respect animals: Couleur Caramel products are tested on volunteers under the monitoring of an independent laboratory and never on animals. They never use pine marten bristles to make our brushes because those animals do not live well in captivity.