Couleur Caramel Testimonial: Hayley – Salon Owner.

When I saw the Couleur Caramel range, I loved the idea of being able to use it to complement the current organic ranges that I use and promote in my salon. It adds a further dimension to being able to offer an holistic organic solution to clients who are wanting to pursue greener lifestyles. I tried the products and these are my feedbacks:

  • The packaging lives up to its reputation, it is eco friendly and attractive. Another advantage is that it is light, making it lighter and easier to transport if you travel or carry make up in your bag.
  • The Corrective Cream is soft and really easy to use. I like it because you can use it on all areas of the face, including the eye area. It does not pull on the skin or cake in the lines of the skin.
  • I love the Pearly Lipstick. It feels smooth and emollient on the lips, yet has good staying power. It is a pleasure to use. Of course the best part is that if I lick or talk it off, I am not ingesting harmful chemicals into my body.
  • The eyeshadow is great. I compared it to another brand that I have. Couleur Caramel does not make dust and fly all over the place- causing mess and waste of product. You need just a little and the application is easy and effective- it goes on and stays on. Other eyeshadows tend to make lots of dust and powder all over the container and the eye and surrounding area and you have to keep applying more and more to get it to go where you want it to and it does not last. This is not the case with Couleur Caramel. I also use the Blush powder. It has the same qualities as the eyeshadow. For both of these products the pigment concentration and adherence to the skin is great. You need just a little bit of product to achieve the colour and result you require. This makes the product easy to use, kinder to the skin and economical too.
  • Bio Mineral Foundation- I have not used a mineral foundation before so it took a little getting used to. It gives a light but effective coverage, which I like. Whenever I wear it, people comment that my skin looks good, so it must be the foundation. Another aspect of this product that I like is that it has good staying power. It does not seem to come off easily. When you touch your face or talk on the phone there is not a residue of foundation on your fingers or the telephone, which I like.

Tina, Spa owner

“I have Loved using Naturys Skin Care products and Couleur Caramel make-up…Both lines are uncomplicated and simple to use yet very effective…and the cost – almost unheard of – in terms of affordability for an imported and genuinely organic product…

I proudly and enthusiastically recommend these products to anyone.”

Reshma - Dea Organics Client

I am very pleased & very impressed with the results from the Bema Bio range. They are such excellent products. My sister met up in an accident recently, & suffered severe whiplash & bruises. I squeezed out some of the Arnica cream for her into a glass container, which she used. She called me 2 days later & asked for more, as it was the only product helping to ease her pain.

As for the BioEcoMan body wash, my husband loved it so much, he finished it in 2 weeks.

My father in law broke out with a skin rash & found the Aloe Cream very soothing & cooling on his skin.

As for me, I am totally enjoying the Vanilla Body wash for the ladies. It has a yummy smell, & makes me feel like royalty every time I use it

Rekha - Dea Organics Client

I love everything in the Bema Bio range. The cream for stretch marks really worked wonders during my pregnancy. I love the deodorant and face creams, they leave the skin so supple and smooth. I’m using the baby oil for my son on his scalp just before shampooing his hair, and that has reduced his cradle cap. The repairing cream for feet had healed my cracked heels in three days. My husband has sorted out his bacterial dandruff thanks to the the Anti-dandruff shampoo and vials.

In the Couleur Caramel make up range, the lipstick and eyeliner are fabulous too!

Lynne - Dea Organics Client

Both my husband and I have being using BEMA Hair Shampoo and it is fantastic. With all the natural products it does not strip my hair of its highlighted colors and my husband uses it for thinning hair and it has definitely made a huge difference.

I suffer from eczema and can only rave about BIO ECO. After years of visiting doctors, dermatologists and homeopaths this is finally my solution.

Both the BEMA day and night creams are wonderful on my skin as suit my sensitive complexion – I will use nothing else on it.

Sheila - Dea Organics Client

The Naturys products are amazing and my skin feels so healthy and naturally clean. The products do not feel foreign as an addition to the skin – they feel alive and part of it. Am enjoying them very much. Will have to use my old products up on the body and hands.

I am also very impressed by the Refreshing Gel for legs.


Vicki - Dea Organics Client

I am so pleased to have been introduced to the Naturys range of skin care products. Not only do they work beautifully on my skin, leaving it feeling fresh, nourished and revitalized, but they are also organic. Putting something onto my face that is beneficial AND harmless is a wonderful feeling! Thank you!

Warm regards,